Making Good Drivers

From our Driver training program to our Monitor-Evaluate-Retrain process, we are constantly developing employee driving performance.

Driver performance is monitored daily with the help of our in-car technology. The results have been extraordinary. We present real life video back to the drivers in the form of a training tool, to show how external forces such as road conditions, speed, focus, and other drivers’ impact their driving ability. These tools have demonstrated significant improvements in driver performance and accountability.

24hr Safety In Every Vehicle

GPS Enabled Panic Buttons

In case of emergency, this feature immediately identifies the location of the vehicle to our dispatch centre, allowing a call to police or other taxis to provide assistance.

In-Car Cameras

As a deterrent to crime, photos are taken as the passenger enters and exits the vehicle and may be submitted to Police. Our cameras also records and monitors driving habits 24 hours a day.

G Force Triggers

Burlington Taxi has a zero tolerance for aggressive driving behaviour and thanks to G Force technology, we now monitor hard breaking, hard accelerations, and hard left/right turns in every vehicle.

Speeding Reports

This powerful tool sends the Driver’s location and speed through the GPS unit every minute. If a Driver exceeds the speed limit, a trigger sends this information immediately to management.

24/7/365 Mechanical Team

Our team of ‘Class ‘A’ mechanics work 7 days per week, including a 24 hour on-call service to make sure our vehicles are safe and available to serve. All of our vehicles are proved road-worthy every six weeks with a complete mechanical examination.

Our taxis are superior

Commercially Insured. Mechanically sound. Clean. Well appointed. Every vehicle must meet the Canada Motor Vehicle Standards 365 days a year. Unsurpassed safety features built into every ride. Compare us to the competition