Core Values


We differentiate our company by fostering a culture that inspires us all to look for new and better ways to deliver a superior customer experience, driver success, operational efficiencies and environmental sustainable practices.


We are committed to being an employer of choice in the taxi industry and the Burlington community. We respect and encourage our people’s ideas, diversity and cultures.


We are passionate about Burlington and are dedicated to initiatives that encourage a thriving community. We want to have a positive impact on the people who live here, the staff that drive our business and our peers in the taxi industry.


We are committed to our clients and to setting higher industry standards for service, delivery and customer experience. We take ownership for ensuring every customer has a safe, reliable and comfortable experience.


Our vision is to offer unparalleled taxi service in Burlington and to set a leading standard in the international taxi community.

We Are Different


You may not know, that over the last decade Burlington Taxi’s dispatch and booking technology has revolutionized taxi companies around the world. Our sophisticated systems run in hundreds of cities throughout North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. This technology is the foundation of the taxi APP that you are holding in your hands today.

While you may not care about companies on the other side of the world, you will care to know that our innovation connects drivers to cars to customers and ensures you receive the best possible service. Even better, now you the opportunity to keep your safest most reliable ride options in your back pocket with the APP.

You may also care to know that our safety measures are internationally recognized as leading the way in customer and driver safety. LINk to Safety.


What differentiates our business? A relentless pursuit to respond to service and industry challenges in an unyielding effort to improve operational efficiencies that enhance customer service and driver success.

Every morning our management team meets to discuss “How did we do yesterday and what can we do tomorrow to create a better experience for our clients.” We monitor how our drivers serve you. We pinpoint service issues. We explore new demands, current trends, and the competitive landscape. We discuss. We problem solve. We implement change.

Your feedback is everything. We need to hear from you. If you have questions, concerns in your travels with Burlington Taxi, please let us know. Every challenge we face presents another critical opportunity to improve your taxi experience and our business growth. Link to Help Centre


Important area to be developed. Focus on our (scottt’s) lead in the broader transportation industry. Scott is currently the main taxi consultant working with insurance companies to figure out part time taxi insurance for the Canadian taxi industry( to compete with TNC’s). Scott is a consultant for city issues, invited to speak at regulatory conferences and regularly consults with insurance co.s’. While he does not want to tout this – there is a leadership that needs to be pronounced – to express our care of the industry and our dedication to improving taxi industry standards and more personally, our community interest in ensuring safe legal and fair trans for the city of Burlington.